About Us

Dominique D. Glisson

I’m Dominique D. Glisson, founder and designer of an evolving brand that celebrates and caters to the beautiful souls of brown people.

As a poet and creative, shopping for greeting cards was a dreadful task. Some cards had the right words, but the wrong look. Some cards had the right look, but the wrong words. Very few cards had both. It was so bad that I purchased the same card for my mother’s birthday—3 years apart!

My vision was to develop a line of greeting cards that represent my image and my speech—cards that truly represent my heart. Butterflies & Afros was born with respect to my Nana, who calls me “Butterfly” and my appreciation for our Afro Culture.

I wear my truth on my chest. I write from my beautiful soul to yours.


Peace & Progress,
Dominique D. Glisson